About Seo Link Monster Creators

The new seo link monster is fast gaining popularity among newbies and also experienced internet marketers and the reason for this would ofcourse be the quality of the blog network and the people behind this master piece. The creators of seo link monster are not new to search engine optimization they have years of experience in this field and they run hundreds of websites ranked on top of the search results for various keywords in different niche markets.

The seo link monster is a result of three masterminds whom most of the internet marketers might be knowing and they are brad callen, matt callen and dori friend. Brad and matt are brothers who run their own individual company that deal with marketing online.

Brad callen is popularly known for his desktop applications like keyword elite and seo elite. Matt callen runs a blog network called my article network which is a link building resource.

Dori friend is well known for her private network seo nitro which is a limited member blog network and every time she starts a new network the membership to these networks is sold out very quickly which tells the quality of her network.

Now all these three seo experts have come up with seo link monster which is a combination of blog network and also special seo training for securing higher ranking.