Seo Link Wheel Tutorial Explained

Seo link wheel explained in this short tutorial, just read through to learn the most powerful seo link building strategies of all time. This method is one of the most easiest to conquer without you having to beg others for backlinks.

In reality search engines rank those websites with higher number of backlinks very well. And not only the quantity but also the quality matters i.e., a link from a relevant website is equal to 100's of links from non relevant sites.

But you know how hard it is to get one link from a relevant website you should email other website owners to give you a link or write content for some one so that he might give you one backlink. It is very hard job to build link from relevant page, so do we give up my answer is no absolutely no.

There is a solution for this, we build our own relevant pages that can give us some backlink with what ever anchor texts we want to rank for. Don't worry you are not going to buy any domains and create new sites, we just make use of free websites to do this.

How it works? It is based on a strategy called seo link wheel, in this strategy we create webpages with relevant content to our main website that we want to rank higher.

There are many free web 2.0 sites that give you a chance to create a free account and write content on their website. We have to join such websites and fill it with good content and link back to our site also link to other free web pages that are used in the strategy or else make use of the power of blog networks for more info read the seo link monster review.

Some of the most popular free websites you join are given below:

1. Squidoo
2. Hubpages
3. Tumblr
4. Blogger

Sign up at each of this website and add some content then put a link back to your main website then also link to one other free website like shown in the figure below.

You can include as many free webpages as you wish, but make them relevant to your main website. Also the title of each of this webpages must be the keyword you want to target blended into an attractive headline.

This is called a seo link wheel because your main website is at the centre with all other linking pages forming a wheel around. Seo link monster blog arena is a massive boost to your link building efforts and take full advantage of the seo link monster discount which is being offered by the creators.